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Company [黒3人](並び) photo by KoyamaKazuaki.jpg

A contemporary dance company founded in 2011, which consists of choreographers, dancers, producers, and visual designers.

We’re producing and organizing stage/video works with the motto "Exploring and developing the way of dance in human society".




Nextream21 2017 DANCE CONTEST - Best Performance Award in group performance

ダンスがみたい!新人シリーズ16 (2018) - Audience Award

SAI DANCE FESTIVAL 2019 COMPETITION - Best Performance Award in group performance


Nakagawa Ayane [顔] photo by KoyamaKazuaki.JPG

​Nakagawa Ayane

Director / Choreographer / Dancer

Twitter: @ aoooooooooo6

Instagram:@ _aoooooooooo6_


Started learning classical ballet and classical Japanese dance from early childhood and spent her puberty with pointe shoes and Tabi socks.

Majored in theatrical play at J.F. Oberlin University, and started up ’Suichu-Megane∞’ to begin creating her own work during her time at university.

Currently, she presents her own productions at dance festivals and independent performances, and also provides the choreography for musicals, live music, music videos, and experimental videos. 

She has appeared in dance works by Kuniko Kisanuki, Ryohei Kondo (Condors), Chieko Ito (former 珍しいキノコ舞踊団), Teita Iwabuchi, and theatrical productions by Satoko Ichihara (Theatrical unit Q).

Recent works


「Endangered species」

「Modern・Pragmatic・Marriage theory」

「Out of  Effective Range」

「my choice, my body,」

Nemoto Shimpei [顔] photo by KoyamaKazuaki.JPG

Nemoto Shimpei 

Born in Ibaraki prefecture.

Experienced various dances such as tap, jazz and hip-hop since high school.

He started learning contemporary dance from Kuniko Kisanuki at university, and got obsessed with the informal dance.

Has been a member of Suichu-Megane∞  since 2014.

Broadened his perspective and actively started doing dance direction and performances for music videos, commercials, and branded movies.

While doing his activities in Suichu-Megane∞, he also has participated in a dance group called ‘踊る銭湯’ which aims for revival of Japanese culture, and a project called ‘Bullet’ led by dancer Youhei Suzuki.

Recent Works

・Reol MV 『1LDK』『Phanto(me)』

・China SHISEIDO『Za 』Brand movie

・Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum『

Munch: A Retrospective』movie

・THE SANKEI BUILDING Co., Ltd. 『Joint of our Dreams.』

・Kazuma hata(amanaimages) ×Tsutsumi Hiroyuki(dentsu) photo pieces (produced by oggi)

・Anly MV『We'll Never Die』(produced by oggi)

・Francesco Tristano World Tour 『Tokyo Stories』movie(maika fuji×shimpei nemoto)

・John Natsuki(Tempalay)『Kurofukugentei Show』(produced by oggi)

・Ramza×Takcom『Pessim』as Kitsune

・anderlust『Tabinohajimari』 Best Film Award at Sony music shortfilm competition

Paya [顔] photo by KoyamaKazuaki.JPG




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